Microsoft's New Autopatch Feature for Businesses

Microsoft's New Autopatch Feature for Businesses

Microsoft announced last week that it plans to make a feature known as Autopatch available to the general public as part of Windows Enterprise E3 in July 2022.

Earlier this week, Lior Bela, senior product marketing manager at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post that the service would "automatically keep Windows and Office software on enrolled endpoints up to date, at no additional cost." It will be a 'just another Tuesday' on the second Tuesday of every month from now on.

Windows Autopatch is intended to be compatible with all supported versions of Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 365 for Enterprise, as well as with other operating systems. The Windows Server operating system and Windows 365 for Business, on the other hand, are not supported.

The company stated that the feature is intended to reduce the complexity associated with software updates in enterprise IT environments as well as close security gaps that have been introduced as a result of failing to apply patches in a timely manner, potentially opening the door to new risks.

In order for the managed service to function, the updates must be applied across four deployment rings, beginning with a small set of "test" devices in a corporate network and progressing to the "first" 1 percent of endpoints, followed by the "fast" and "broad" rings, which contain the remainder of the machines with a 9 percent - 90 percent split between them.

In a statement, Microsoft explained that "updates are applied to a small initial set of devices, evaluated, and then graduated to increasingly larger sets, with an evaluation period at each progression." "The end result is to ensure that registered devices are always up to date, and that disruption to business operations is kept to a bare minimum."

"If a problem occurs, the Autopatch service can be paused either by the customer or by the service itself if necessary. When a rollback is appropriate, it will be applied or made available "The company made this point clear.


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